Technology and IT Services

Business Analysis

Business Monitoring Tools

Real Time Systems

Business Analysis

Requirement specification and Business process improvement.

Business Monitoring Tools

Customized dashboard for a synthetic overview of business.


Real Time Systems

Software Development from requirements to deployment.

Customized solutions for your needs

Deployment of specific solutions to cover your customer demands at the current market dynamic.


Experiences in development of real-time applications and dashboard for high value added sectors.


Our energy, our sincere desire prompts us to offer the best to the customer, beyond ourselves to innovate and invest ourselves fully in the project.

Customer oriented

Customized added-value solutions for the competitiveness of our customer.

Technology and IT Services


Business Analysis

Business needs analysis and specification of requirements for new solution or business process improvement.


Business Monitoring Tool

Development of dashboard and monitoring tools. Portfolio data management.


Software Development for Real Time Systems

Requirements specification, implementation process managing, programming, testing and validation. Architecture definition, real-time operating system integration, driver and application layer development.


  • Banking & Finance
    Portfolio data management
    Dashboard for business monitoring
  • Automotive
    Embedded real-time systems
    Control unit
    Communication driver
  • Industrial
    Real-time systems
    Control unit
    Dashboard for process management
    Testing and validation tools
  • Web
    Web application

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